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C10000 Indoor Unit
Capacity: 8500 - 10500 CFM


  • Double wall cabinet
  • White exterior paint, 22GA steel
  • Galvanized 18GA steel  inner wall
  • Insulation: 2 in
  • 18GA Stainless Steel drain pan
  • Drain connection under unit: 1 in NPT


  • Type : Forward curved (pillow block) permanently sealed and lubricated ball bearings
  • Diameter: 18 in
  • Width: 18 in
  • Shaft: 1 7/16 in
  • Power transmission by adjustable pulleys and belts


  • Type: Inverter duty 10:1, EPAct efficiency, ODP
  • Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Maximum power: 5 HP
  • Drive assembly/blower: on anti-vibration isolators


  • Qty : 8 / circuit
  • Efficiency : MERV 8
  • Dimensions : 20 in X 20 in X 4 in


  • On platform or roof curb


  • Start/stop dry contact and general alarm dry contact
  • Terminals for fresh air damper power and control (24VAC, 10VA)
  • Terminals for exhaust air damper power and control (24VAC, 10VA)
  • Power 24VAC 20VA available for accessories
  • Low temperature limit: until will stop if fresh air supply is under setpoint (adjustable) for more than 5 minutes.
  • Access panel with non-fused disconnect (NEMA 4)
  • Single point power connection
  • 3-phases power: phase loss detection (unit will stop when a phase loss occurs, automatic restart)
  • Display and keypad on control board


  • Qty : 6 cores
  • Polypropylene (pitch: 5 mm, dimensions: 33.46 in x 33.46 in x 14.5 in)
  • Aluminum (pitch: 5 mm, dimensions: 33.46 in x 33.46in x 14.5 in)
  • Enthalpy (pitch: 4.5 mm, dimensions: 31 in x 31 in x 14.5 in)


Core – Limited ten-year warranty

All other covered components – Limited two-year warranty


Cabinet Options
  • Intake and exhaust hoods: c/w motorized and isolated dampers. Bird screen on intake hood (optional on exhaust hood)
  • Roof curb: 14 in high, galvanized 18GA steel, optional insulation available
  • Piping connections (drain pan and water coil connections): Front or back
Components Options
  • MERV13 filters: Final MERV13 filters added to the fresh air circuit
  • Motorized and insulated dampers (on OA and/or EA openings)
  • Not insulated backdraft damper (on EA  opening only)
  • Backward inclined blowers (BI)
  • Post heating coil: electric or hot water (0-10VDC signal to maintain supply air temperature, or 0-10VDC signal by others)
  • Cold water cooling coil (0-10VDC control signal to maintain supply air temperature, or 0-10VDC signal by others). C/w 18GA stainless steel drain pan
  • <
  • DX cooling coil (all controls and condensation unit by others) Blowers' motors options
    • TEFC
    • Efficiency : Premium
    • Two speeds: two speeds motors or simple speed motors with variable speed drives for two speeds applications
    • Variable speed: variable speed drives on motors (0-10VDC control signal by others)
    Control Options
    • Dirty filters contact: dry contact closes when dirty filters detected on either air circuit
    • Blowers' rotation detection: unit stopped if no rotation detected
    • Energy recovery optimisation: control sequence to maintain supply air temperature or return air temperature (available with modulating by-pass damper)
    • End switch on dampers: unit start up conditional to dampers opening
    • BACnet compatible controller. Three communication medias available: RS-485 (standard), Ethernet or Internet
    • Remote keypad and display (BACstat)