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About ECSI

Why Choose ECSI?

It's simple! When it comes to energy recovery ventilation, ECSI provides advantages over the competition

Flexibility: When it comes to energy recovery ventilation, ECSI provide flexibility that other companies cannot match. Regional manufacturing facilities, located in Wisconsin and Minnesota, allow you the flexibility to reduce transportation costs.

Work Ethic: Our get-it-done work ethic will ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Experience: Our employees have over 30 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry. This means that your project is in safe hands.


Energy Conservations Systems and Innovations (ECSI) is an experienced corporate entity with a rich and distinguished 29 year history of successful energy recovery design and manufacturing. Our roots stem from 1983 with the union of a Minnesota-based equipment manufacturer and Heatex Inc., one of the pioneers in energy recovery. In 1990, the chief executive officer and the chief engineer of Heatex became partners to expand the technical capabilities of ECSI. More recently, ECSI has maintained its Midwestern heritage by relocating to Green Bay, WIsconsin for both engineering and manufacturing, with Mark V. Rappette, P.E. as president.

Since the development of the unique energy recovery cell in 1992, ECSI continues to maintain industry leadership and develop the most efficient and most durable energy recovery solutions tailored to your needs. Over nearly three decades, ECSI has compiled a track record of proven results that are noted in our substantial client list. ECSI is proud to have produced hundreds of successful projects in literally all sectors of the HVAC industry, as well as manufacturing process including: commercial, residential and industrial applications.

ECSI and its engineering personnel have provided total energy solutions to many customers. We would appreciate partnering with you so ECSI can develop the optimum, most cost-effective energy recovery solution for your company.

ECSI provides dependable energy recovery for afforadable, clean air. Our extensive product range can cover all ventilation and energy recovery needs from our small-to-medium air volume standard product lines (residential and commercial) to our semi-custom and custom medium-to-large volume Industrial Ventilation Systems.

Mission Statement

ECSI provides our clients with the highest quality energy recovery ventilation solutions. We utilize our engineering expertise to improve energy efficiency which enables our clients to exceed their goals and objectives.